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Why Invite the Dog?

Dogs are Family

Dogs, cats, horses and all the other furry friends are more than companions, they are a support system when you’re struggling. They are a warm smile and excited welcome home when you walk through the door. They add so much value toe each day in your life. They are by your side for the highs and the lows, why would they not stand by you on your elopement day?

They Supply Relaxation

Pets are proven to reduce stress and anxiety. The last thing you want on your elopement day is to be full of anxiety and stress! Bring your pets and have them stand by your side not only to look adorable in photos, but also to relax you and supply you with a warm hug any moment you may need it.

They Love You

Everyone knows a dogs love is unconditional, unselfish and unparalleled to any other love on this earth. They are filled with excitement every second they see you and are happy just to spend a moment walking with you. Dogs love you unconditionally and will 100% support you on your elopement day. They promise to not be offended by any traditions you may break and they will be right there with you celebrating after your vows.

How I Approach your Wedding/Elopement

Lets Chat

I am a talker, so my first task is always to chat. We will discuss what your wedding details look like, what kind of engagement photos you’re wanting and what your relationship is like. We will probably go off track a bit and talk about or favorite travel destinations, hikes and you will send me photos of your pets!

The Special Day

I will have plans A-Z set up and we will keep an open mind for your special day. The top priority is making sure you have an amazing day that represents you as a couple. We can get up at sunrise and catch the most beautiful light of the day, we can take a midday nap and we can end with a sunset ceremony. Or we can adventure to St.John, sleep in, exchange vows on a kayak and end the day with a sunset helicopter ride over the island. Everything will be perfectly imperfect and intimate.

Question Master

I know everything and anything there is to know about weddings and elopements, so I will be there to answer all of your questions… wait, no I don’t. As much as I would love to know everything I don’t, but that will not stop me from getting your questions answered! I will leave no stone unturned until we know the answer. I perform extensive research for each elopement so when the day arrives we have a good batch of knowledge.

Post Wedding Assistance

On your special day I will be there to fluff your dress, grab you water and carry your snacks, but after your wedding I will still be there. I mean I attended the most special day in your life, we are now friends for life. I will be available to capture the other moments in your life- everything from family portraits to anniversary parties. We will be buddies for life.

We LOVE Dogs!

Want your dog by your side on your special day? We specialize in bringing dog treats and giving belly rubs. Having owned dogs, cats and horses I picked up a lot of tricks on getting those ears forward and we will make sure your pup is looking good on your wedding day.

Yes We Travel!

I am a traveling wedding and elopement photographer so my bags are packed and ready to follow you around the world! Outside of photography I am a travel addict, I know people all around the world and use any excuse to go visit!

Tips & Tricks

Washington State Equestrian Photographer

Don’t forget how important it is to get photos with all your dogs, even the large ones that munch on hay all day. It is easy to involve your horses in your elopement or wedding, check out these tips on involving your horse in your wedding day.