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Perfect for those who want to enjoy an experience with their photoshoot. My favorite location to take clients is Mt.Rainier. We get to enjoy a fun day hiking, exploring and just celebrating your love.

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the Booking Process

Email Me & Book a Call


A little about your photographer

Shoot me an email so we can schedule your call. On the phone we will discuss outfits, locations and dates that work. We will go over what you are wanting from the session: prints for your home, an album, a large canvas etc. And we will put your agreed upon date on a tentative reserve until the contract is sent your way.

Hi there!

My name is Kayla and I am your energetic and animal loving photographer!

I am obsessed with coffee, Siberian huskies and can lose hours at the barn. When I'm not photographing people and their loved animals I am at the barn, walking my dog or buying saddle pads (my collection is continuously growing!)

I absolutely love socializing and will probably be chatty your entire lesson. I genuinely love to know about you and your relationship with your horses, dogs and cats. Every relationship has a unique story and I find them all so incredibly beautiful.

Sign Contract & Fill out Questionaire


After you sign your contract, fill out your questionnaire and pay your deposit your date will be officially booked, yay! You will be sent a preparation guide to help you prepare for your photoshoot which also includes a checklist of necessary steps to take the days prior to your session.

Photoshoot Time!


Yay! The time has come! I always recommend you book out your entire day for the photoshoot (Washington weather can be a bit unpredictable) and I will do the same. I also recommend you bring multiple outfits to your session so we have a variety of looks throughout your images.

Ready to book your session?

Contact Me

In Person or Virtual Image Reveal


After your photos are edited (about 2-5 weeks after your session) we will schedule a day to meet virtually or in person for a photo review. At this photo review I will help you order the ideal print products from your session to display in your home and give to family.

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based in washington, but love to travel. feel free to add to our travel calendar!

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