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specializing in creeping through the bushes and capturing intimate authentic moments during your portrait session

There is no moment to great or too small to be documented

I believe it is important to have a photographer for big moments in life like graduations, weddings and elopements, but it is equally important to get those daily moments captured. The pumpkin carving, a day at the barn with your horses, playing fetch with your dog and snuggling up with your loved ones. The intimate moments are the most magical and beautiful pieces to document. It may be the way you rest your head on your partners arm, the way your mom kisses your cheek, the way you and your horse snuggle up. These are the moments I aim to capture. This is what drives me as a photographer, documenting the big moments, but also those intimate details you want to hold onto forever.

Kayla made sure to capture all the important details and intimate moments and I'm so thankful

- Cienna & Justin


We call Washington home


There is a 100% chance I will give your animal a voice during our session, there is also a 100% chance I will snuggle your pup and steal a few nose boops from your pony. I will also attempt cat chin scratches if a feline is present. Due to there not being a cure for my obsession with animals you must be ok with all these side affects of hiring me as your photographer.

oops, another warning

Unfortunately I have a case of the travel bug and it is highly contagious. I may convince you to travel to a new destination including, but not limited to Sweden, Iceland, Italy or the USVI. I am always open to you encouraging me to travel to new destinations as well (addiction to travel is part of the bug) Heck, let's plan your photoshoot at an insane location, make it the most epic adventure session ever!

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