IPhone VS Mirrorless Camera

April 13, 2023

You may be thinking “my phone takes great pictures” and you wouldn’t be wrong. The Iphone is a fantastic beast and I use it all the time for documenting my daily life moments. However, the Iphone is extremely limited in its capabilities for fine art photography. I am going to completely remove the years of learning and the creativity I add to your session and talk just statistics on gear in this blog.

So let’s dive right into the nitty gritty of the Iphone VS. the Sony A1

I broke it up into an easy to read table you can view, but I described a bit more into how those statistics directly impact you and your horses portraits. 

Sensor Size: The iPhone’s camera is designed to be small and compact which is convenient and easy to use. The Iphones camera sensor is 1/1.9” compared to the SonyA1 which is a full frame sensor at 35.6 x 23.8mm. The small sensor size on the Iphone results in images that are more prone to noise, less dynamic range, and less detail. 

Lens Capabilities: The iPhone has a fixed lens system offering ultra wide, wide and telephoto lenses at a length of 13-77mm. The Iphone also has limited depth of field control and a maximum aperture of f 1.5-f/2.8. The Sony A1 has an interchangeable lens system and top quality lenses offered from sony and other lens makers. This means there is no limit to the capabilities of a sony lens. The aperture on many lenses can go as low as f/1.2 and there is a ton of control over the depth of field. Sony offers their brand of lenses which are also weather proof, top quality glass and stabilized for video. An important piece of information to point out for equestrians is that your horse looks best when photographed at 85mm and above. Shooting at this focal length makes your horse look more proportional, but the Iphone offers a maximum focal length of 77mm. This is why your horse looks like they have a large head and a small body in a lot of your iphone pictures. Personally I usually photograph horses at a length of 135mm and they look extremely proportionate and stunning.

Print Quality: The iPhone is designed to produce images that look good on a small screen and can be easily shared on social media. These images look great on screen, but actually have a huge loss of detail when viewed at larger sizes and when printed. The iphones resolution is 12 megapixels, you might get away with a 4×6 maybeeeee an 8×12 print (that would definitely be pushing it) whereas my Sony A1 is built for art, with its massive 50.1 megapixels you can print images as big as your heart desires. This larger resolution also captures more fine detail in images like each strand of your horse’s hair, or their individual eyelashes. 

You don’t cut corners on quality tack and care for your horse, don’t cut corners on their photos either. I am proud to say I have the best gear in the industry and can provide you the highest quality of images possible. Images are so important for you to bring your horse into your home, office and remember them for the rest of your life. If you’re ready to book your photoshoot send me a message, let’s get some epic art on your walls!