Portland Horse & Rider Portraits

April 18, 2023

Horse jumping is an exhilarating sport that requires skill, dedication, and a special bond between the horse and rider. Laura and Lily have formed a unique partnership and developed a strong bond over time. With the guidance of Meg Dunne Training in Wilsonville, Oregon, Laura and Lily have become a strong team showcasing the immense love adult amateurs have for their horses.

Lily is an off the track thoroughbred who came to Laura with some challenges, their relationship started a bit rough, but with time, patience and +R training they have become an inseparable and iconic pair. In +R training, horses are rewarded for good behavior rather than punished for bad behavior, creating a trusting and positive relationship between horse and rider. You can read more about +R training through this Dapplebay blog.

With Meg Dunne Training, Laura and Lily have received amazing horse focused training from the day they met to now. Meg Dunne is a trainer based in Wilsonville, Oregon who specializes in jumping and is great at reading the horse and prioritizing their needs above all else. She found Lily, running around in a field and knew it was the perfect horse for Laura.

Through all the ups and downs, Laura’s love and prioritization of her horses health above all has never wavered. Laura and Lily have an insanely strong bond now because of all the many years of hard work and dedication Laura has put into their relationship.

The partnership between Laura and Lily is a testament to the power of positive reinforcement and the importance of building a strong bond between horse and rider. If you are looking for a fun and inspiring journey to follow along with on with on social media, definitely give them a follow! @lala.force

Laura and Lily had a 2 hour session with me where I had the honor of capturing their bond and connection.