My Dog: Pepper

April 13, 2023

My dog Pepper is my best buddy. I got her as a gift from my mom in 9th grade. She was there when I graduated high school, college and got married. Pepper has a huge piece of my heart and truly embodies my personality. She is outgoing (but only to people she likes), she gets hangry (but is still very picky about what she wants, can’t be boring old dog food), and she is the most opinionated and stubborn dog I have ever met. She is my favorite thing in this world and because of that she ends up in front of my lens quite a bit. This blog is a dedicated gallery of my best friend, Pepper.

Fall Fun!

Our Favorite Family Portraits!

Our Favorite Wedding Guest!

Catching the Treat for photos!

Winter Wonderland

Spring Has Sprung!

Black and White Portraits