What is an Elopement?

August 6, 2020

When I bring up the concept of eloping to my family, there are a lot of different reactions.

My grandma thinks it is only a thing poor people do and it is just not right (she is HUGE on traditions and elopements definitely break a few of those).

My mom assumes elopements are a moderate to hard hike were only the immediate family attends.

While my moms friend views elopements as being at pretty locations that don’t require a lot of walking.

As an elopement photographer I am obviously partial to elopements, but each of these viewpoints definitely hold their own merit and I know hundreds of others share these opinions. But my views on this way to wed are a bit different than most…

My basic definition of an elopement: Elopements are for two people choosing to unite in a way that prioritizes their relationship on their wedding day through an intimate feeling and fun day.

Lets break this down…

Two people choosing to unite: Elopements are for EVERYONE who wants to commit to loving another person for eternity. All love is equal and worthy.

Prioritizes their relationship: There is no schedule to follow, dress to keep clean or guests you need to entertain. The only thing that matters on this special day is your bond and unity.

intimate feeling: It is about quality not quantity. You can have a small guest count of 10 people and be left without the intimate feeling if your guests do not get along, aren’t supportive or just plain frustrate you. You can have a larger guest count of 50 people and it can be the most relaxing easy going day. An intimate feeling wedding is not defined by the number of humans who surround you, but by how much they care about your relationship and prioritizing it on that special day.

FUN: Let’s just put this one in all caps because when I say fun, I mean FUN. We can do anything your heart desires from a leisurely walk with your dog in your favorite park to hiking to the top of a mountain as the sun starts to peak over the edge of the world. We can stay in your home town and hope around your favorite Friday night pub or fly to the Galapagos as you exchange vows by an ocean of hammer head sharks. Whatever fun is to you is what we will do.