Equestrian Personal Trainer Phoshoot

June 17, 2021

I am currently doing 1 on 1 training with Jamie from Haybales and Barbels so I figured I would pair photos from her recent branding session with a little review.

I wanted 1 on 1 training purely because I needed someone to hold me accountable (I do a terrible job at holding myself accountable when it comes to fitness) and Jamie not only holds me accountable, but is an amazing friend I never knew I needed!

She messages me after every workout checking in to see how it was, always asks me how my week is going and she gives me grace when I don’t get around to an exercise or I skip out on stretches. She supports me when I need it, pushes me when i can handle it and gives me grace when necessary.

Literally I think 1 on 1 training with Jamie is worth it just because of the incredible support you receive, but her workouts are top notch too!

I began my journey unable to do push ups because they would trigger migraine. We worked on slowly building my muscles properly so now I am able to do push ups without tweaking any part of my body triggering a migraine. I am also highly impressed with my little biceps that started popping up.

OK, Jamie sounds great and you have noticed improvements, but how does the whole “Virtual personal Trainer” thing even work?

Every week Jamie creates a workout schedule for me, I tell her things my trainer for horseback riding tells me to work on and she makes sure to include workouts and stretches that pinpoint those areas. I tell her the type of schedule I am wanting for the week, I have tried 2 days of longer workouts and am now doing 5 days of shorter workouts (which I think works a lot better). We start with a few minutes of active warmup then go into the workout for the day. My workouts are about 15 minutes then I have about 5-10 minutes of stretching after.

Her app makes the workouts very easy, it includes videos on proper form and has a timer connected to the app to make timing workouts super simple! Her app also notifies me every day I have a workout to do, which is a nice little reminder to get my body moving.

My workout is catered to my goals and one of the many things I think Jamie is amazing at is pivoting. When my goals, lifestyle or boredom start changing she pivots my program to work with my life well.

If you’re an equestrian thinking about getting personal training I highly recommend it. The strength I have made in small specific muscles needed for riding is not something I would have ever been able to do on my own and the support Jamie gives my every week is amazing and every equestrian deserves that kind of support as theyre hustling hard through a workout!