Elizabeth and Charlie Paradise Hike

April 9, 2021

We met at the Paradise parking lot at Mt.Rainier. With no cell phone reception we had to set our exact meeting location aheads of time. I sent a map with a picture of the place we should meet and we found each other with ease. We then started our hike, all admitting how out of shape we were from hiking- this session was right after the smoke had cleared from the recent fires so everyone had been stuck inside for a few weeks. We had a hiking route in mind and set forward on our path. Along the way we stopped for photos, took in the deep colors of fall and talked about their wedding plans and of course their pup!

Along the trail we see a magical rainbow appear in the perfect position above Mt.Rainier. We took in the views, had fun with photos and continued on with our adventures. We found private spots only a short distance away from the crowded trails at paradise that felt as though we were miles away. We couldn’t see another soul in sight, all we saw was the biggest most beautiful private views of Mt.Rainier.

We continued up the trail and called it once we found a spot with views overlooking Rainier and the entire hike we had just completed. The clouds covered the sunset, so we began our descent down into blue hour and had visitors from the local deer. They grazed peacefully in the fields as we made our way down the mountain. We couldn’t believe how magical the day was. With a stunning rainbow, deep fall colors everywhere, private views of Mt.Rainier and the relaxing sight of animals peacefully enjoying life. We sure did have an incredible adventure, but the best is yet to come with their wedding in June, 2021!