Washington Waterfall Wedding Portraits

July 15, 2020

Waterfalls are powerful, stunning pillars of strength. Seems fitting that this beautiful couple would choose a waterfall to represent them and their relationship. They participate in an annual hike to a waterfall where they kiss at the bottom of it, this location is nothing short of special to them.

This couple chose to do a post wedding portrait session to capture their “fairytale dreams.” With COVID-19 a they had to change their wedding plans to a backyard gathering last minute. Though their wedding day was still special and they created some fun memories (like jumping on the trampoline in their formal attire) they were still itching to get their dream session complete.

This couple along with other COVID-19 couples has inspired me to create a Post Wedding Session where we venture somewhere beautiful and capture those dreamy portraits for you two. You will walk away with stunning portraits where peoples jaws drop when they see them and a day filled with fun memories.